Our team of awesome horses has countless hours of experience, insuring you with a wonderful ride. Pulling a carriage is a simple task for a horse to perform; with virtually no weight on his back, the horse can easily start a carriage rolling. Studies have shown  that it take about 50 pounds of force to start a carriage rolling and even less to keep it going. Many experts claim that pulling a carriage is easier then carrying a rider because of the physical make-up of the horse.  Our animals are treated with love and respect and have never been mistreated or abused while in our care.


  • Our horses live on a 20 acre Farm and are fed twice daily, groomed watered and exercised and have individual stalls in and exceptionally clean barn.

  • Our horses are offered Hourly water breaks when working.

  • We do not allow our horses to work more than 6 hours in any 24 hour period and no more than 3 days a week.

  • Our horses wear anti slip shoes with leather or rubber, shock absorbing pads, protecting their hooves from the pavement or heat.

  • We do not operate our horses if the temperature exceeds 90 degrees. This is in accordance with the city’s recommendation.

  • Although carriages have always been allowed on the Charlotte streets, there have been NO reports of ANY incidents in AT LEAST the past 10 years.

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